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Рыбные места

Best fishing spots

Looking for where to go fishing and relax? Fishing with and without comfort, paid and free reservoirs, fishing bases and complexes ... We have collected interesting places for fishing for you! On the map of cool spots, you can find the nearest fishing spot that meets all your requirements.

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Best fishing spots
Akimovsky pond

Akimovsky pond

Akimovka, Verkhnedneprovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Fishing on the Domotkan River in the Akimovsky pond. Not a bad place with interesting trophies
Bokovaya river "taiwan"

Bokovaya river "Taiwan"

Gruzskaya Grigorievka village, Dnipropetrovsk region
Fishing near the village of Volovoye, Bokovaya River, "Taiwan", you can catch a lot of fish
Complex "baranovo"

Complex "Baranovo"

Kharkiv region, with. Baranovo, Countryside eco-recreation complex "BARANOVO"
In the suburban complex "Baranovo" there is not only the best fishing in the Valkovsky region, but also in the entire Kharkov region.
Dniester fishing bank

Dniester fishing Bank

Fishing for sea fish on the Dniester sea Bank, the most catchy and fishy place in the Black Sea of the Odessa region. You can't return from the Dniester ocean bank without fish and good mood.
Ecoclub "savage"

Ecoclub "Savage"

st. Embankment 21A, s. Kizomys, Belozersky district, Kherson region
Ecoclub "Savage" is a modern complex located in the lower reaches of the Dnieper River among a beautiful and amazing corner of nature.
Fish hatchery "krutaya balka"

Fish hatchery "Krutaya Balka"

с.Любимовка, Днепропетровская обл
Convenient reservoir for fishing and outdoor recreation
Fisherman's farm

Fisherman's farm

village Tomina Balka, Kherson region
Rest and fishing in a fishing farm, nature, fishing, barbecue, and what else is needed
Fisherman's farm village. gubinikha

Fisherman's Farm village. Gubinikha

st. Svichkarenko, 166, town. Gubinikha, Novomoskovsk district
Fishing in the Fisherman's Farm, fishing in a stocked pond, a restaurant, a playground, everything for a comfortable and unforgettable stay.
Fishing and recreation complex "delta dnieper"

Fishing and Recreation Complex "Delta Dnieper"

st. Glinische 5, Dneprovskoe village, Kherson region
Fishing in the Dnieper Delta - Welcome to the territory of impeccable beauty, high quality service and undeniable comfort!
Fishing base "korchin"

Fishing base "Korchin"

near the village of Korchyn, Kostopil district, Rivne region
Fishing base "Korchyn" - Fisherman in a picturesque corner of Ukraine. Barbecue park with barbecues and gazebo. Basalt pillars, forest with berries, mushrooms and herbs.
Fishing base "rybachiy khutor"

Fishing base "Rybachiy Khutor"

Kherson region Belozersky district with. Kizomys st. Embankment 68
Fishing at the fishing base "Rybachiy Khutor", fishing in Kizomys
Fishing base "sova"

Fishing base "Sova"

st. Embankment, 18A, Kizomys, Kherson
Fishing and recreation at the SOVA fishing base, feel all the delights of fishing on the Dnieper floodplains in comfortable conditions.
Fishing base "tortuga"

Fishing base "Tortuga"

Odessa region, town. Vilkovo, Belgorodsky channel 170
Fishing, banquets, excursions ... and other types of outdoor activities await you at the fishing base "Tortuga"
Fishing club "gold fish club"

Fishing club "Gold Fish Club"

2 Lesnaya st., Klavdievo-Tarasove village, Kiev region
Fishing club "Gold Fish Club" - a country elite club. Great place for fishing and relaxation
Fishing farm "nadezhda"

Fishing farm "Nadezhda"

Odessa region, Razdelnyansky district, with. Stepanovka
Fishing for sturgeon, trout, carp, pike perch, catfish and pike in the Nadezhda fishery. Comfortable accommodation conditions, high density of carp and sturgeon.
Fishing in zelenodolsk reservoir

Fishing in Zelenodolsk reservoir

Zelenodolsk, Apostolovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Fishing in Zelenodolsk reservoir